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Practice of Preach – Italy

Freedom of speech and expression is an integral human right that should be protected in every country in the world. Unfortunately, this right is often disrespected. According to the Reporters without Borders’ press freedom index, Italy has a score of 68.18. Out of 180 countries, Italy’s press freedom is on the 58th place. In Italy,Continue reading “Practice of Preach – Italy”

English 2

Welcome back! My third year of High School has started! This year I’m taking Psychology 2, Politics and Human Rights, and English 2, which means that my blog is back in business. I chose English 2 because I really enjoyed English 1 last year. I’m really excited to explore English littérateur and talk more aboutContinue reading “English 2”

Visitors in my English class

These past couple of weeks there has been a couple of visitors that have joined our class to talk about different subjects. Refugee Kawthar Sheheda from Syria joined our class via Zoom, as well as psychologist Solfrid Raknes from Washington D.C. Additionally, scholar Renee Brekke-Ebbot came in person to talk about water levels and identity.Continue reading “Visitors in my English class”

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